Hi, I’m Claire, one half of Eco Den along with my lovely mum.

I’m a mummy to 2 gorgeous but slightly crazy kids Ciara, 6, and Aiden, 4 and a wife to my amazing husband Ed.


In 2017 I decided to go veggie after being shown an awful video that had me in tears, so much so that I couldn’t bear to eat meat again. A few months later after learning more about the meat industry I transitioned to Vegan. My husband joined me about a month later.


I must admit that I first went vegan due to health reasons, and I felt amazing but since then I’ve also learnt a lot about the environment.


So I decided I also needed to reduce my waste and become more environmentally friendly.


And so Eco Den began….. 


I want to make a difference and I want to help YOU to make a difference too.


Something needs to change and majority of that needs to be the companies and businesses over using single use plastic but we can also make a change by not buying it.


Help us be the change and make sure our children have a future to look forward to.


Everything you buy from Eco Den is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.